Ardesia Outdoor Porcelain


Unveil the timeless elegance of the Ardesia collection – premium outdoor porcelain tiles inspired by the natural beauty of underground stone. Available in Grey and Beige, these luxurious slabs, infused with vibrant bursts of brown, copper, and golden hues, offer the perfect blend of durability and sophistication for your outdoor space.



Experience the timeless beauty and natural allure of underground stone, meticulously reimagined into premium outdoor porcelain. The Ardesia range celebrates the vibrant colours and stunning textures formed over thousands of years, available in two captivating variants – Grey and Beige.

Discover the Ardesia Grey, a predominant grey slab infused with lively bursts of brown, copper, and golden hues. This majestic blend not only provides a captivating aesthetic but also mirrors the intricate details found in nature.

Or, choose the Ardesia Beige, a multi-tonal beige slab with an undercurrent of grey, elegantly punctuated with bursts of brown, copper, and golden hues. This variant offers a softer, yet equally enthralling, natural aesthetic for your outdoor space.

Both options in the Ardesia collection are not just incredibly beautiful but also extremely durable and practical, offering resistance to water, stains, and frost. These slabs are designed for those who want to combine the timeless appeal of natural stone with the modern benefits of porcelain tiles.

Ideal for outdoor patios, terraces, and poolsides, the Ardesia collection transforms your space into a luxurious oasis that will stand the test of time.


900 x 600 x 20MM 40 21.6 M2
1200 x 600 x 20MM 32 23.04 M2

We split packs allowing you to purchase only what you need for your project. Through our website, you can purchase ‘Full’, ‘3/4’, ‘1/2’ and ‘1/4’ packs by default. However, if you require a more specific quantity, simply request a quote and our sales team will be happy to assist with your requirements.

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