Nestled in the heart of garden design innovation, Arbour Living was founded in 2022 by Neil Doherty and Ben Sanderson. Our mission? To provide everything one could dream of for the perfect outdoor sanctuary. From sophisticated verandas, timeless pergolas, luxurious hot tubs, and stylish garden furniture, to pristine paving options like Italian porcelain and Indian stone, as well as sustainable composite decking — we’ve curated a selection that caters to every aesthetic and function.

Our partnership with Arbour Landscapes goes beyond mere collaboration; it’s a harmonious blend of expertise, with Arbour Landscapes breathing life into these dream designs, rendering them tangible, palpable spaces. Moreover, for those who have a vision but aren’t quite sure how to mold it, our digital garden design service transforms those musings into a concrete plan, setting the stage for the garden of your dreams.


At Arbour Living, we believe in the magic that lies in the details. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the pursuit of unparalleled quality. We understand that a garden isn’t just an extension of one’s home, but a personal haven, a space that tells a story, and a testament to one’s taste and passion. Thus, every product in our line-up is meticulously chosen, ensuring it stands the test of time, climate, and memory. Crafting magical outdoor spaces is not just about aesthetics but about nurturing an experience. Every corner of a garden, every piece of furniture, and every stone laid is an invitation to create cherished memories, to pause and revel in nature’s beauty, and to truly live the moment. When you choose Arbour Living, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in moments, stories, and a legacy.