Anguilla Awning


Discover our budget-friendly, UK-made Anguilla Manual Patio Awning, a compact yet feature-rich retractable awning, similar to its larger counterpart, the Tortola model. Sporting a discreet slim cassette casing, it gracefully conceals the awning when not in use. Its double spring-loaded arms, tensioned with twin stainless steel sheathed cables, ensure optimal fabric tension at any extension level. This model shines in spaces where mounting room is scarce due to its compact design and handy end block construction that necessitates only a single fixing point at each end. Elevate the awning’s aesthetic with optional fixing bracket covers, enhancing its sophistication. Every purchase comes with the reassurance of a 5-year guarantee. This affordable, UK-manufactured patio awning is an excellent investment to provide retractable cover for your patio.

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